Click on Descendants for more specific information on 4 generations. Also included are ahnentafel reports for Frederick Bonn and for Catherine Pfluger for information on 5 more generations. Surnames include: Aikin, Allendörffer, Allinder, Astin, Badersbach, Basham, Bauer, Bloemer, Bohn, Bonn, Brannon, Bryne, Bush, Cook, Cullen, Dullmaier, Dullmayer, Eberenz, Emrich, Faller, Franck, Frank, Funk, Fusting, Goeing, Graham, Hamsley, Hatch, Hettich, Howe, Humphrey, Hurle, Isaacs, Jackel, Keene, Kline, Kohler, Krebs, Leverett, Lucke or Lücken, Marquard, McGowan, Metz, Meülher, Mosley, Müeller, Müller, Naigle, O'Bryan, Pavillard, Pflüger, Powell, Schaeffer, Schmitt, Shaughnessy, Specht, Staden, Stoesser, Sullivan, Waters, Wegert, Yates and Zundel. Kline, Stoesser (and Hurle) and Waters will be covered in more detail in their own section.

The Bonn family has lived for many years in Gernsheim, Hesse, Germany (map). Click for a Map. Church records for the family date back to the 1650's, which is the beginning of the records in the Church. The records, although in Latin, are even indexed making the records easier to use than some similar Catholic Church records. The Bonn family that emigrated to Louisville, KY (map) on 30 October 1847 or 1848 included Frederick Bonn and his wife Catherine, nee Pflüger, and their 4 surviving children: Catherine, Frederick K., Valentine <John> and Henry George. Frederick and Catherine had already lost 4 children before their emigration. The reason for the uncertainty about the date is that the Church records on the various family members record the exact date with different years. The task on the Bonn family is to try to extend the line even farther and to fill in information. I don't really have a roadblock on this family.

I am specifically looking for the following information:

bulletThe date of emigration, the port of departure and the arrival of the Bonn family in the United States.
bulletThe route and timing of the Bonn family's movements until reaching Louisville, KY. The entire family appears in the 1850 U.S. Census in Louisville, KY.
bulletAny information on what prompted the Bonn family to choose Louisville, KY as their destination.
bulletDeath information on Valentine John Bonn born 9 Oct 1840 in Gernsheim, Hessen, married Sophia Faller 25 Apr 1865 in Louisville, KY and died after 15 Apr 1910. His parents were Frederick Bonn and Catherine Pflüger. He served with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
bulletDeath information on Joseph Bonn born 10 Oct 1868 in KY and may have died about 26 May 1892 in Jefferson Co., KY. His parents were Valentine John Bonn and Sophia Faller.
bulletOther marriage(s) and death on John H. Cook born Dec 1866 in KY or IN, married Antonia Catherina Bonn 28 Feb 1891 in Clark Co., IN, divorced 23 Dec 1914 in Jefferson Co., KY and may have died before 1920.
bulletInformation on other marriage(s) and death for Hattie B. Pavillard born circa 1900 in Decatur, TX, married _____ Albritton, married Frank H. Bonn 10 Jul 1948 in Louisville, KY and died at some later date. Her parents were Calvin Pavillard and Josephine Nuby.
bulletInformation on Fred N. Bohn born circa 1859, married before 1930 (possibly 1890) probably in Harrison Co., TX and died later. He may have died 28 Jan 1941 in Harrison Co., TX. His parents were Adam Bohn and Catherine Bonn.
bulletInformation on marriage(s) and death for George Bonn born 6 Apr 1876 and died between 1 Apr 1900 and 25 Feb 1945. His parents were Frederick K. Bonn and Elizabeth Eberenz.
bulletThe current address or the place and date of death of Thomas F. Leverett who married Emma Victoria Bonn and Lucille Frances Bush who married Bernard John Bonn.

Kline, Waters, Stoesser, Bonn, Brinkhaus, Jansing, Reh, Feldhaus