Census Records

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Census Records

bulletCensus records are the group of records that document the population count. Records for social statistics, manufactures, agriculture, industry and slaves may be included.

Primary Documentation

bulletDocumentation created at the time of the event for the event being documented.

Secondary Documentation

bulletDocumentation used to document an event other than the event for which it was created.

Sure Codes (TMG)

bullet3 - Primary Documentation
bullet2 - Secondary Documentation
bullet1 - Guess
bullet0 - No Information
bullet-  - Disproved Information

Locating Records-US Census

bulletNational Archives
bulletState Archives
bulletPublic Libraries
bulletFilson Club
bulletLDS Libraries

Types of Info 1790-1840

bulletName of head of household
bulletCount for all family members by age, sex and "race"
bulletLocation including District or Town, County and State
bulletDate of enumeration not listed

Additional Information

bullet1830 - First time uniforms and printed census forms provided.
bullet1840 - Census of military pensioners was included on the population forms and published separately.

Types of Info 1850-1870

bulletName of all people with age, sex and race
bulletLocation including District or Town, County and State
bulletDate of enumeration listed

Additional Information

bullet1850 - Married during the year, real estate values and occupations of males over 15
bullet1860 - Value of personal estate, birth place for all free persons
bullet1870 - Order of visitation, occupation, parents foreign born and born or married within the year for all persons

Types of Info 1880

bulletIndexed by Soundex for all households with a child <=10
bulletLocation including house# and name of street
bulletNumbered enumeration districts
bulletRelationship to the head of household for every person
bulletPlace of birth for all persons and their parents

Soundex Codes

bullet1st letter of surname +3 numbers
bullet1 - b, p, f, v
bullet2 - c, s, k, g, j, q, x, z
bullet3 - d, t
bullet4 - l
bullet5 - m, n
bullet6 - r
bulletNot coded - a, e, I, o, u, y, w, h

Soundex Rules

bulletDouble letters or letters with the same code number without a non-coded letter in between are coded only one time.
bulletIf all letters are coded without getting 3 numbers then 0's are used to complete the Soundex number.

Soundex Examples


Types of Info 1890

bulletVirtually destroyed (less than 1% survive)
bulletScattered areas
bulletConfederate Veterans Schedules

Types of Info 1900-1920

bulletMarital status
bullet# of children born and living for each mother (except 1920)
bulletImmigration Information
bulletWork, school and literacy info
bulletOwnership of home
bulletFarm Schedule number

Additional Information

1900-10 - # of years married
bullet1900 - Month and year born instead of age at last birthday
bullet1920 - Type of worker
bullet1900 and 1920 - Fully indexed
bullet1910 - Indexed if no State Vital Statistics System

Other Census Records

bulletSpecial Federal Census
bulletIndian Census
bulletState Census
bulletLocal Census
bulletBlack Census


bulletDate: before 03 Nov 1810 (13)
bulletPlace: Middletown, Jefferson Co., KY
bulletSource: 1810 U.S. Census, KY, Jefferson Co. (7)
bulletCitation Detail: Page 31, 39th Entry


bulletDate: 06 Aug 1850 (79)
bulletPlace: Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
bulletSource: 1850 U.S. Census, KY, Jefferson Co. (11)
bulletCitation Detail: District No. 1, Louisville, Page 17A(33), Line 20, Dwelling 211, Family 284


bulletDate: 04 Jun 1880 (79)
bulletPlace: 152 South Southgate Street, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
bulletSource: 1880 U.S. Census, KY, Jefferson Co. (14)
bulletCitation Detail: Louisville, Ward 11, Vol 16, ED 149, Sheet 19(417C), Line 41, House 152, Dwelling 161, Family 201

Primary Tags

bulletOnly one tag of each item from the Tag Type List can be primary
bulletSome reports can be set to print only primary tags
bulletTags can be filtered to display only primary tags
bulletTo enter each census record as a primary tag requires new tag types to be created


bulletOmitting Citations simplifies TMG
bulletAdding Sure Codes to Citations enhances TMG
bulletFormat of Citation is not critical - can change all Citations by changing the Source