Land and Deed Records

KIPCUG Genealogy SIG ..................................................................... November 15, 1999

Land / Deed Records
bulletLand and deed records are the group of records that document the transfer of property. Usually just real property, but personal property can be included.

Primary Documentation
bulletDocumentation created at the time of the event for the event being documented.
bulletSecondary Documentation
bulletDocumentation used to document an event other than the event for which it was created.

Sure Codes (TMG)
bullet3 - Primary Documentation
bullet2 - Secondary Documentation
bullet1 - Guess
bullet0 - No Information
bullet-  - Disproved Information

Locating Records-Land and Property
bulletCourt House
bulletState Archives

Organization of Records
bulletGrantor Index
bulletGrantee Index
bulletPlat Books
bulletSubdivision Records

Grantor/Grantee Indexes
bulletGRANTOR - Index of sellers of property, parties of the first part.
bulletGRANTEE - Index of buyers of property, parties of the second part.

Parts of the Deed Record
bulletBook and Page
bulletLegal Description (Prior Book and Page Number)
bulletPurchase Price (Mortgage)

Grantor/Grantee Info
bulletNames of the parties
bulletRelationship of the parties
bulletLocation of the parties - usually County and State
bulletClerk's Statement that the wife has been queried, not in the presence of her husband, about her willingness to execute the deed.

Legal Description may Include:
bulletStreet Address
bulletLot Description
bulletLengths and Angles of the Perimeter
bulletAdjacent Property
bulletFormer Owners

Purchase Price
bulletCash in Hand
bulletMortgage Release in Margin when Paid

Date and Signatures
bulletDate of the transaction is usually written within the deed text.
bulletDate of record is the date the deed is recorded by the clerk.
bulletParties may have signed or used as X.

Tag Types
bulletNo Property Tag is Standard
bulletTag must be Created
bulletSuggestion: Deed-Buy and Deed-Sell

Deed-Buy and Deed-Sell
bulletDate of Transaction
bulletMemo - Other Info: Location of your Party, Prior Book and Page and any Unusual Information
bulletSource - Set of Records
bulletCitation Detail - Book and Page Numbers


This indenture made the "26 Aug 1875" between Isaac Kline and Rebecca M. Kline his wife of Penn Township Westmoreland County Pennsylvania of the first part and James M Kiper of this County and State aforesaid of the second part . . . Twenty Five (25,000) Thousand Dollars lawful money . . .Paid by the Said Party of the Second part at or upon the sealing and delivery of these presents . . . Sell . . . Unto the party of the Second part . . . Beginning at a post . . . [legal description] . . . Containing Seventy Six acres more or less after deducting out of said boundaries Twelve acres and Six acres heretofor sold from . . . Signed and Sealed by Isaac Kline and Rebecca M. Kline

Sources - Deed-Sell
bulletDate: 26 Aug 1875
bulletPlace: Penn Twnp, Westmoreland Co., PA
bulletMemo: All parties were of Penn Twnp, Westmoreland Co., PA. Prior Book 58, Page 580. Part of the property had already been sold.
bulletSource: Westmoreland Co., PA Property Records
bulletCitation Detail: Book 86, Pages 466-7

bulletOmitting Citations simplifies TMG
bulletAdding Sure Codes to Citations enhances TMG
bulletFormat of Citation is not critical - can change all Citations by changing the Source

bulletAdding Deeds allows the address of the person to be interspersed with the other events and makes it easier to determine the location of the person at any time.
bulletAdding Deed tags requires more input.