Click on Descendants for more specific information on the most distant 4 generations. Surname include: Abel, Arms, Batman, Blumer, Bonn, Bowman, Brown, Cox, Daniels, Field, Forster, Geiger, Gwathmey, Hampson, Hawley, Hoke, Holman, Hudson, Hughes, Johnson, Kent, Kline, Netherton, Pearcy, Roman, Stoesser, Sturgeon, Sullivan, Tyler, Waters, Wells, Winn, Wood and Zimmerman. Bonn, Kline (and Geiger) and Stoesser will be covered in more detail each in their own section.

The Waters family originated possibly from Leicestershire, England. The father of Major Waters immigrated before the birth of Major on 7 Feb 1771 in Baltimore, MD. Major's father may have been John. Major arrived in Louisville, KY (map) about 1801 where he married Patsy Wells, daughter of Samuel Wells, on 19 Nov 1809. After having 4 children she died. Major enlisted during the War of 1812 for a six month period and served for nine months culminating in the Battle of New Orleans. His name of Major does not relate to his military service, that I have been able to determine, since he was using the name, Major, in 1801. Major married Rebecca Sullivan, daughter of Jeremiah Sullivan, on 19 Dec 1819. Rebecca and Major had 5 children. Major died on 8 Jun 1854 at the age of 83 and Rebecca died on 1 Aug 1888 at the age of 93. Rebecca received a pension as a result of Major's service in the war of 1812. The Waters' family seems to have stayed in the Middletown area of Jefferson County, KY for most of the 1800's. In the late 1800's some of the family members started moving into Louisville (a larger city) in the same county. My roadblock on this line is that I do not really know anything about Major's parents since the information is only family info that is merely supposition. I know nothing about Major's siblings if there were any.

I am specifically looking for the following information:

bulletIdentity and birthplace of Major's parents or siblings.
bulletVerification of birth of Major Waters in Baltimore on 7 Feb 1771.
bulletInformation on the parents of Elizabeth Hudson, the wife of Robert Sullivan Waters. Elizabeth and Robert married after 1 Aug 1850. Elizabeth's parents are John Hudson and Mary Bohannon and one of her grandfathers was a French born Baptist minister. Elizabeth was born in Henry County, KY on 28 May 1832. All of this is unverified family information. Is there any verification of the marriage of Robert Sullivan Waters and Elizabeth Hudson?
bulletInformation on Furdman Waters, child of the first marriage, who died sometime between 1838 and 1850.

Kline, Waters, Stoesser, Bonn, Brinkhaus, Jansing, Reh, Feldhaus