Kline, Waters, Stoesser, Bonn, Brinkhaus, Jansing, Reh and Feldhaus genealogical research are included along with information on my oldest ancestors from each line. On each family page are the descendant reports with the ahnentafel reports for these family line. The ahnentafel report is like a pedigree chart for the family except that the format is in text, not a chart, and it contains more information on each person than can fit into the pedigree chart. Click the index for a complete list of all the surnames included on my website. Click maps for the list of maps that are significant places of origin or destination. This web site contains the results of many years of family research to track my ancestors who traveled mostly from Germany to the United States eventually arriving in Louisville, Kentucky. My roadblocks are also explained in the hopes that someone can help me solve these. My lines are well documented and I would be happy to exchange information with any family member. I have intentionally not put any information on the web for any living member of any of my family lines. For the records that I am extracting from German church records, for Altenberge, Gernsheim, Gaggenau and Rotenfels, I have only entered the direct line even though I have more information.

Since I do not publish information on living people, if the numbered person in the line was living their record and any spouses were removed. If the numbered person was deceased and the spouse was living both the marriage and the name of the spouse were removed. This applies to all lines, however I had to remove a lot of records especially on the Jansing family line. If you know that someone on any family line has died, please send me their death info so that I can include them when the report is revised.

To help in my research and documentation I am using The Master Genealogist - Gold Edition 9 (TMG). I would be willing to provide assistance to people using this program. I have finished updating my ancestor and descendant reports and will continue updating the site as changes occur in the data. If you do not see what you are looking for now, please email me or check back. The site was rebuilt in Microsoft Expressions Web in June-July 2019 which will allow me to actually be able to update the site. Updates will be more frequent so check back soon for a complete update of the site.

In addition to the genealogy resources that I have been researching, I have started using genetic genealogy by completing some DNA Autosomal tests. Some relatives have been found and I am working on placing people within clusters so that I can identify the part of the family line that we are related on. Other family members have completed the Autosomal tests and these will help to focus to the part of the family line where we are related. I also have the Y-DNA results of my father for the Kline surname.

The Genealogy Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Kentucky-Indiana Personal Computer Users Group, Inc. (KIPCUG) meets every second Monday at the Jeffersontown Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, Jeffersontown, Kentucky and every fourth Thursday at the St. Matthews/Eline Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville, Kentucky. The features of TMG are explained and also genealogy research topics are covered including vital records, census records, military records and records of cemeteries to name a few. Please come to one or both of the meetings if you are interested in genealogy. We have plenty of room for guests. Portions of my past presentations may be displayed on this web site. In recent years we used Terry Reigel's book, Primer for the Master Genealogist and are now concentrating on drafting the lineage book which will culminate our family history research when we ultimately publish to print or CD. We are not generating any handouts and therefore no documents online.

If you have any information on my families or think that you can help me on my roadblocks, or if you want information on my lines, TMG or the KIPCUG Genealogy SIGs please email me at Feedback on the site, what you liked and what you did not like, can be sent to the same address. I would appreciate receiving your comments.

Date this website was last edited 07/17/2019.