Click on one of the underlined links listed below to download or print the file. Warning: These handouts from the Genealogy SIG, useful for taking notes, may not be beneficial without hearing at least some of the presentations, but you are welcome to try them. The files with some exceptions are generally presentation points and not the complete text. I do not write out my presentations in full.

The size of the three largest files are listed at the end of the description. All other files are 65KB or smaller. All files are in Word97 format.

These handouts are being updated since many custom features of The Master Genealogist have been enhanced by both Wholly Genes and by us. These revisions will be added as time permits with an updated date added to the title of each item.

9/18/2006 How to Get Started with Computer Genealogy-updated 6/26/2019
9/15/2003 How to Organize Your Data for Publication
6/16/2003 Source Citations in TMG
5/19/2003 Custom Flags and Tags
6/17/2002 Sentence Structure and the Genealogy Report
4/15/2002 Using the 1930 United States Census
11/19/2001 List of ... Reports and Searching
9/17/2001 Custom Tags and Flags
7/16/2001 Research Log and the Custom Report Writer (Including the Wizards)
5/21/2001 Reports - Ahnentafel, Pedigree, Family Group Sheet and Individual Detail
4/16/2001 Entering People into TMG - Part II - Tags and Flags
3/19/2001 How to Enter People into TMG - Part I-updated 7/12/2019
11/20/2000 List of ... Report Variations: Focus Tab - Answers
10/16/2000 List of ... Report Variations: Focus Tab
9/18/2000 Flags and Searching
8/21/2000 Report: Descendants - Journal Narrative - Genealogy Report
7/17/2000 Reports - How They Work - II (Audit and Individual Detail Reports)
6/19/2000 Reports - How They Work - I (Ahnentafel and Family Group Sheet)
5/15/2000 Sentence Structure ... Reports Your Way
2/21/2000 Cemeteries, Military and City Directories
1/17/2000 Emigration and Immigration
11/15/1999 Land and Deed Records
10/29/1999 Records Resources in the Area (Updated from 3/15/1999 Handout)
10/18/1999 Census Records
9/20/1999 Vital Statistics
8/16/1999 Sentence Structure - Variables (Event Tags) - Excerpts from TMG Help Files formatted to fit on 2 pages
6/21/1999 Source Citations and List of...Reports - Includes screen shots that will only show when the document is printed. (136KB)
6/10/1999 Accenting the Direct Line - Same Text as E-Mail Response - Still current as of 2/25/2013
5/17/1999 The Master Genealogist List of Report Variation (Focus Tab)
5/17/1999 List of...Reports - Have it Your Way
4/19/1999 Citing Your Sources - Source Citations in TMG - Includes screen shots that will only show when the document is printed. (137KB)
3/15/1999 Using the Internet for Genealogical Research - Includes screen shots that will only show when the document is printed. (432KB)
1/18/1999 City Directories, Cemeteries and Funeral Homes
11/16/1998 U. S. Federal Census Information - Only includes through 1920