Click on Descendants for more specific information on 3 generations. Also included is an ahnentafel report for Johann Franz Grosse-Brinkhaus for information on 3 more generations. Surnames include: Baechman, Barfield, Barrow, Brinkhaus or Brinkhues or Brinkhuss, Brunsmann, Carroll, Edeler, Grosse-Brinkhaus, Hansel, Hesse, Hukenbeck, Leinigman, Luke, McCandless, Morsel, Oding, Reid, Sonderman, Sullivan, Vincent, Wietkamp and Zwissler. Other family lines included in the reports: Feldhaus, Jansing (and Richter), Kline, Reh, Stoesser will be covered in more detail each in their own section.

Henry Anton Brinkhaus, son of Johann Franz Grosse-Brinkhaus, immigrated through Baltimore, MD on 5 Aug 1872 from Altenberge, Westphalia, Germany (map). Henry, or H.A. as he was usually known, came directly to Louisville, KY (map) where he became a cabinet maker. He went into business with Henry Hukenbeck and eventually built the company into the largest luggage manufacturer east of the Mississippi River, H.A. Brinkhaus & Sons. Most of his brothers immigrated to the United States but their destinations were not Louisville, KY. He married Henry Hukenbeck's daughter Anna Maria, and after her death he married Catherine Jansing. He had a total of 8 children born to his two wives. The task on the Brinkhaus family is to try to extend the line even farther and to fill in information. I don't really have a roadblock on this family except trying to read the German Church records in Latin with the use of farm names.

One note of explanation when reading the Ahnentafel report is that Altenberge is in the part of Germany that uses farm names. As a result the records may state the surname as Oding now Morsel which means that the name at birth was Oding and he is living on the Morsel farm. The reverse of Morsel born Oding means the same. The example shown is in English however Latin words are actually used.

I am specifically looking for the following information: