Click on Descendants for more specific information on 3 generations. Surnames include: Brotzge, Hagedorn, Kamphaus, Reh, Specker, Steffen, Ullrich and Zeller. Other family lines included in the report: Brinkhaus (and Barfield, McCandless), Feldhaus (and Fossing), Jansing, Kline and Stoesser will be covered in more detail each in their own section.

Martin and Anna Maria Reh emigrated from Germany to Louisville, KY (map) probably in the 1840's. Their first child was born in KY in1848. I have not been able to determine if they immigrated before or after they married. Anna Maria is from the Franconia region of Bavaria. According to my grandmother, her grandmother who was Anna Maria refused to take her husband's name when she married and Martin took hers instead. There can be other explanations for Anna Maria not changing her name and I have not been able to verify the story. In St. Michael Cemetery in Louisville, KY there is a matched coping in front of two lots with the names Becht and Reh chiseled one into each side. This must be significant so I always look for Martin and Anna Maria under both the Reh and Becht surnames. My roadblock on the Reh line is that I do not have any parents or siblings for either Martin or Anna Maria and I am not sure of what there surnames are for sure.

I am specifically looking for the following information: